The Introduction
Chapter 2

I had been researching different breeds of dogs on the Internet, and found that most small dogs were very challenging. As our Veterinarian told us “Shepherds are born to serve, all others are just dogs”. Should we look at Corgis, Terriers,  or Hounds. What would be the right breed to take those long vigorous walks and would also be a wonderful companion?

Actually, we do have a connection to Beagles. When we were first married and Bob was waylaid with poison oak so serious that he was in bed, I got him a small Snoopy Dog for comfort. And of course when I had my sculpture show at the Laguna Festival of Arts, Charles Schulz visited my booth and wrote in my book that Snoopy would approve…I still have that famous signature…

So where do I find a Beagle? On the Internet of course. There are no breeders in Humboldt County, and I wanted to find just the right parents to have my precious one be of genetic superiority.

There were two that had possibilities. One was in San Diego, and one in Oregon. Oregon seemed a little hard to check out without going up there, but San Diego had distinct possibilities.

“Bob, there is a beagle breeder in San Diego. Do you think that Paula would check it out for us? The Lady who owns the place said that it wasn’t far from where Paula works.”

“Well, you could ask her and if she agrees, then you could fly down and bring the puppy back on the plane with you.”

I started to see this little shape dancing in my mind’s eye. Do Beagles dance you might ask, I have always thought so, because every Christmas we see Snoopy dance, and isn’t Charles Schultz the expert? Of course he, is he must be, look how long the Snoopy stories have been in our popular culture. It must be true. 

Well, to have an ending to “The Search”, Paula did go to see the breeder. Having been told by Ruthie that “the one” would climb right up into her lap, she was to wait for that to happen. Beaureguard made his entrance! Into her lap he climbed, and instantly Paula knew that he was “the One”.
Paula and Little Beaureguard at Five Weeks Old

He was only five weeks old, but he was Beaureguard, and certainly he knew what he was about. So it was decided. I was to fly down in three weeks to pick him up and bring him home to Omega House. Find the carrier, get the pee pee pads, be sure to have all of the necessary items to transport this very small VIP so that the other passengers won’t be offended. Hassle the airline ticket agencies, make sure the connections are such that we will have ample time for all contingencies, and make damn sure that measures will be taken that he won’t stink up the plane.

We meet. Beaureguard looks at me, I look at him, and he runs under the sofa. Getting down to his level and trying reach for him, it seems like we are not off to a good start. Every thing speeds up. Beau is running around like a little demon, Paula is trying to catch him and I am trying to sign the Visa credit card slip so we can be on our way. The good lady, Donna Bounds is trying to tell me about his food, shots, vet visits, and dishing a humongous bag of puppy food. Where am I going to put all that food on the trip back? My baggage space is extremely limited, and well, think of that tomorrow…
Starting to think like Scarlet… 

We leave, and having brought a small bag that will be the “carry on” for Beau on the plane, I stuff him in it. Wow…this doesn’t work. Did you know that a very small beagle can scream like a new baby, but 10 times louder? Well it is possible. 

“Oh dear!” Paula what should we do? If I take him out, he will try to climb all over the car.

“It’s all right Mommy she says, we will just have to let him be”.
“Are you sure” I ask. Right about now it sounds like he is being killed by a mountain lion or squashed like a bug or something that is of deathly nature. What about my dreams of a little dancing beagle …this little creature seems more like a space alien from some monster movie.

“I‘d better call the girls at work and tell them that we can’t bring Beaureguard to visit. They will be so disappointed as they have had a daily briefing on all the planning and have seen his pictures”.

Ringing…… screech, howl, double howl, triple screech, Paula is driving, dialing her cell, and trying to talk above the din of an audition for the Met…
“Hello, Hello” what are you doing to that little puppy? Ronda wants to know if we are killing him…
“no Paula says, he seems a little upset, mommy put him in a small travel container, and Beaureguard is not having a good time of it”.

Thinking I might be able to calm him down if I put my hand inside the carry on, and pet him, I unzip the top of the bag. This was a big mistake…